Finnvera charges interest on its lending (reference rate + margin) and a guarantee fee for its guarantees. In addition, Finnvera also charges a service fee for each loan.

Finnvera uses the six-month Euribor as the reference rate for its loans.  The margin added to the reference rate depends on the company's risk classification and the collateral.  The risk classification is based on the assessment of the company's financial standing and business prospects.  The final interest is given in the financing offer.

The guarantee commission for a Start Guarantee is charged at a 3-month interval and it is 3% p.a. of the guarantee balance reported by the bank. The service fee is 1% of the guarantee amount. Finnvera's guarantee fee for other guarantee products is determined on the same basis as the interest margin on its loans.

Finnvera does not compete with banks as a provider of financing.