Buying an enterprise or business

Should I buy an enterprise?

Buying an enterprise is one good way of becoming an entrepreneur. Many things come ready and it’s easier for you to make development plans on an existing foundation. In company reorganisations, we provide loans and guarantees for payment of the purchase price, for investments or for working capital.

Information about transfer of ownership

In corporate reorganisations, financing is usually required for paying the sales price, for investments or for working capital. Finnvera can provide loans and guarantees for such situations.

Financial planning when setting up a business

Applying for financing during the setting up of a company requires careful planning and financial calculations.

Applying for financing when setting up a business

It's often most convenient for a new company to apply for financing from a bank. However, if you are seeking a loan from a bank but do not have the collateral required by the bank, a Start Guarantee provided by Finnvera may be the solution.


Finnvera charges interest on its lending (reference rate + margin) and a guarantee fee for its guarantees. In addition, Finnvera also charges a service fee for each loan.

Loan repayment

Loan repayment is in accordance with the repayment plan laid down in the agreement.


Finnvera Loan

The Finnvera Loan (Investment and Working Capital Loan) is intended for small and medium-sized companies. It can be used to finance domestic construction, machinery and equipment investments, energy and environment projects, working capital needs, and various ownership arrangements. NB! First, negotiate financing with your bank. Currently, Finnvera can only grant the Finnvera loan as part of the agreed overall financing together with other providers of financing.

Entrepreneur Loan

An Entrepreneur Loan is a personal loan granted to an entrepreneur. It may be used for acquiring shares in a public limited company or making an investment in the share capital or invested non-restricted equity fund of a limited liability company.