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Finnvera's online service provides a secure and easy way for submitting financing applications. Log in to the service using your personal banking ID or your Katso ID.

You can apply for financing already before you have set up your company.  However, you can only access a loan granted by Finnvera when your company is in existence and has a business identity code.

The financing applicant who authenticates oneself in our online service must be a person in charge at the company and have the authority to sign on behalf of the company, or be the owner of a company being established. The company’s contact person named in the financing application can be any of the aforementioned or a company employee who has been given a power of attorney.

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How is the company assessed?

Before making its financing decision, Finnvera examines whether the company is able to engage in profitable business and put its plan into effect.

Finnvera assesses the company's aims, development plans, outlook and competitive position. The adequacy of the overall funding and self-financing is also examined.  The entrepreneur must also have good financial standing.

Role of collateral

Even though our funding decisions are based on an assessment of the companies' prospects, collateral also plays a role. The need for collateral is examined on a case-by-case basis.

Finnvera primarily requires that the principal shareholders in a limited liability company make an investment in the company's equity. If this is not possible a personal guarantee will be required. The size of the investment or guarantee should be 25 % of the liability yet at least 3 000 e and at most 20 000 e. Sole proprietors and general partners in general partnerships and limited partnerships are also otherwise personally liable for the loans of their enterprises.

Business mortgages or real property mortgages are often used as collateral in projects requiring more substantial financing. However, Finnvera does not use the apartment owned and used by the entrepreneur as collateral.

Information required for the application

The following information on the company, the entrepreneur and the project is required for online applications:

  • basic details of the company, the entrepreneur and the owner
  • project description
  • overall project financing plan

The company's business and performance plans for the next three years must also be provided. This information can be provided on a separate attachment or it can be entered on the application's interleaves.

An active company must also submit the financial statements for the previous three financial years and, for the current financial year, the latest available figures. In company acquisitions, the financial statements of the company to be acquired for the previous three financial years and its articles of association or memorandum of association (if available) must also be attached to the application.

You may also enclose other attachments to the application that you consider important for its processing. When planning for growth, you should give consideration to such issues as the adequacy of cash assets, which can be ensured by means of cash flow calculations. Read more about preparing cash flow calculations at

Financing decision

After you have submitted your application on our online service, you will be provided with the name of our regional office that has received the document.  For any questions about your application, contact Finnvera's phone service at +358 29 460 2582.

We will call you within a week after we have received your application. Decisions concerning small projects will be made in about two weeks.  In projects with more substantial financing requirements we aim to make the decision within the time limits set by your customer's project.


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