Finnvera's year 2022

Welcome to Finnvera Group’s annual report 2022. On this page you will find a summary of the year’s highlights, key figures and our PDF reports.

CEO’s review

Finnish companies were highly active in 2022, despite the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian attack on Ukraine and the geopolitical uncertainty as well as inflation. Finnvera Group’s result for 2022 was EUR 55 million. The result was impacted by changes in the loss provision amounts. Sustainability and climate change mitigation are at the heart of Finnvera's strategy and increasingly integrated into our financing operations.

PDF publications

Download the reports describing Finnvera's year 2022 as PDF files.


Finnvera Group’s Report of the Board of Directors and Financial Statements (PDF)

Annual Review and Sustainability Report 2022 (PDF)

Statement on the Corporate Governance and Steering System 2022 (PDF)

Key figures

Domestic financing

Domestic financing granted

EUR 1.1 bn



Number of clients at year end


Export financing

Export credit guarantees and special guarantees granted

EUR 5.8 bn


Export credits granted

EUR 0.9 bn


Finnvera Group

Result for the period



Finnvera Group’s balance sheet

EUR 12.6 bn


This is how Finnvera creates value

Impact is the spearhead of Finnvera’s strategy, and with the help of our financing, our customers can increase their turnover and profits. Our vision is: Our clients' success strengthens the Finnish economy.



A stride forward in identification and reporting of climate impacts

One of Finnvera's main company-level goals in 2022 was developing the calculation and more extensive reporting of the emissions. The company was for the first time able to report not only its direct but also most significant indirect CO2 emissions based on data from the year 2021. Finnvera’s carbon print was 9 Mt CO2e of which 99.993% comprised of financed emissions.


The Finnvera Group’s result for 2022 EUR 55 million (153)

The result was impacted by changes in the amounts of credit and guarantee loss provisions. The loss provisions for exposure in Russia remained unchanged, the loss provisions made in the cruise shipping sector were reduced and the loss provisions for the domestic financing increased in the last quarter of the year.

High volume of financing despite uncertain times

As a whole, domestic financing remained at a higher level than in the pre-pandemic period. Finnvera granted enterprises a total of EUR 1.1 (1.7) billion of domestic loans, guarantees and export guarantees. 

Steady demand for export financing

Finnvera granted export credit guarantees and special guarantees amounting to a total of EUR 5.8 (4.3) billion, mainly for large corporates’ export transactions. The annual volume of export financing is always influenced by the timing of individual major export transactions.

Finnvera's role and impact in society

Corporate responsibility and impact at the core of Finnvera's strategy. Finnvera plays an important role in Finnish society by facilitating Finnish enterprising. Finnvera's greatest impacts on the environment and people are generated through the industrial export projects financed by us.

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