The Acts on Finnvera define the tasks whereby Finnvera influences the development of enterprise and employment in Finland. Financing is grounded in the Acts and Decrees on Finnvera, international agreements and EU legislation, the Government’s commitment to compensate for some guarantee and credit losses, and in the credit and guarantee policy confirmed by Finnvera’s Board of Directors.

Every fourth year, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy sets goals for Finnvera. These apply to issues such as the focus of operations, the impact and efficiency of operations, and capital adequacy.

Finnvera carries out its operations in accordance with the service practices defined for client segments and the ISO 9001 certified operating system. The operating system and its effectiveness are evaluated on a regular basis using both internal and external audits. The observations made during the audits help Finnvera to develop the operating system continuously and to address any anomalies.

Mission, values, and vision

Finnvera’s task is, by means of financing, to promote the internationalisation and exports of enterprises, correct the deficiencies in financing services, and contribute to regional development in Finland.

Finnvera’s values are trust, partnership, and a focus on solutions. The values describe our task and client promise: Through our know-how and active approach, we help our clients to succeed.

Our vision is:

Our clients’ success strengthens the Finnish economy.

The spearhead of our strategy is impact and risk-taking. For us, impact means that our goal is to allocate the majority of our financing to growing and international SMEs. We see to it that our export financing system is competitive.

The pillars of our strategy and hence, our impact are customer experience, competent personnel, partner network, digitalisation and , first and foremost, self-sustainability. With risk management, we seek to ensure self-sustainability in the long term.

Strategic goals

Impact is monitored using the goals confirmed by Finnvera’s Board of Directors:

  • Altogether, 80% of SME financing is allocated to start-ups, growing and internationalising enterprises, enterprises seeking change, and transfers of ownership.
  • Export financing is internationally competitive. In risk-taking and pricing, we are on a par with the key competitor countries. With industry expertise and agile operating practices, we aim to produce an excellent customer experience.
  • The number of enterprises using export financing services will increase by 30%. To promote the achievement of this goal, the SME advisory service will be developed.
  • We anticipate market failure and regulation changes and react to them, contribute to the better functionality of the financial markets, catalyse financing, as far as possible, and create new financing solutions.

The pillars of impact

  • Customer experience is the guiding principle for all Finnvera employees.
  • Our way of working makes continuous renewal possible. Our personnel’s competence and skills are at the top level.
  • We are a preferred partner, and our operations in networks yield significant benefits for our clients. We are actively seeking new cooperation opportunities.
  • We are digitalising our operations on the basis of the needs of our clients and financing provider partners. We are improving the efficiency of the financing process and risk management with a new uniform financing system.
  • We ensure our self-sustainability by managing credit, liquidity, and market risks. In most years, credit losses stay well below the level of income received from our operations and even big unexpected losses remain within the buffer limits. We manage concentration risks through risk sharing.

Finnvera’s operations are described in the value creation model which provides information about the company’s most significant resources, business model and strategic foundation, and describes the key impacts of the company’s operations on the surrounding society.

Constant strategy work

Finnvera’s strategy is updated annually. With continuous strategy work, Finnvera seeks to ensure agile renewal. The updated strategy extends up to the year 2022.

The process starts early in the year, when the Board of Directors reviews the attainment of the goals set for the previous year and discusses new goals. The background information needed for the work is obtained by examining the goals set by the owner, by analysing the operating environment, by conducting inquiries among clients and the personnel, by reviewing clients’ expectations, and by monitoring competitors’ activities.

The outline prepared by the Board of Directors for the coming strategy in May serves as the basis for the strategy proposal that the Management Group submits to the Board. The Board confirms the strategy in September.

The business and support units then prepare their own annual goals, which are specified in autumn, during annual planning and budgeting, and are approved by the Management Group. Finnvera’s Board of Directors confirms the annual goals and the budget in December.


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