Corporate responsibility is becoming increasingly important. A society or a company operating in that society can only be a genuinely responsible entity if there is agreement on what corporate responsibility really means.

Norms and standards are often introduced in the form of mandatory laws and decrees. Many companies have their own corporate responsibility principles in which they specify what is laid down in the law or in which they intentionally go beyond the minimum requirements.

Finnvera has also drawn up rules concerning corporate responsibility and its subsectors (such as financial responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility) and ethical business operations.

It is inevitable that over the years, we have accumulated tools allowing us to examine issues from different perspectives and at some point it becomes necessary to put them together. This Code of Conduct brings together the principles and practices that set the basis for our operations and that we are all determined to observe. By doing that, we can successfully serve our customers and fulfil our national mission in a sustainable manner based on joint agreement.

Pauli Heikkilä

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